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Amine Based Liquid Grinding Aid

Cement Grinding Aids And Strongest Enhances

We are manufacturer of Cement Grinding Aids and Strength Enhancer Chemical.

Our products are Amine / Glycol based liquid Grinding Aid and Strength Enhancer for Horizontal Ball Mill / VRM.


We have different “SUGRIND” range of Cement Grinding Aids and Strength Enhancer Chemical for PPC, PSC, OPC Cement as per customer requirement.


  • Protects cement grinding by increasing hourly output
  • Protects Lining of Ball Mill
  • Improves the grinding efficiency of the media (anti – coating)
  • Decreases grinding temperature
  • Avoids agglomeration of the cement particles
  • Reduces over grinding
  • Improves Characteristics of cement
  • Allows increase in filler content in composite cement
  • Improves particles size distribution
  • Reduces silo clogging due to materials build- ups.
  • Improves quality and performance of cement.
  • Increases settling time and makes cement "quick setting".

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